5 Reasons Your Small Business Should be Using Video for Marketing

Video marketing is becoming more and more accessible for small and medium businesses. But often, the advantages over more old-school marketing techniques are not abvious.


So we’ve laid some of the major advantages out for you.

Visibility + SEO

Most social media platforms show a distinct bias in favour of video content when determining what to show their users. And with recent changes to social media algorithms that make it even harder for your content to be seen, any advantage is extremely helpful, especially to small businesses.

In regards to websites, video makes your website 44 times more likely to appear in Google search results. If you rely heavily on incoming leads via your website, having some kind of video on your home page is a no-brainer! It’s an easy way to improve on your SEO score.

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People Love Video


Video content is universally loved. Where both video and text are available on the same page, 72% of people would rather use the video to learn about a product or service.

Video content improves your customer’s (Or potential customer’s) experience significantly. It provides content in a format that encourages sharing, and can lead to significant improvements in a businesses online growth. Plus, video is fun!


Video content doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can present the exact same information you might put on a flyer or a brochure. The difference is, people are MUCH more likely to take the next step, when they are given this information in the form of engaging video content.

You might assume this is the case for all visual content, but Twitter has said that on their platform, video is 6x more likely to be shared than photos. And audience engagement, like sharing and commenting, is widely known to convert better that pretty much anything else!

Engagement - Video
ROI - Computer


The 2017 State of Video Marketing survey tells us that:

  • 83% of businesses using video marketing think that it gives them a good ROI
  • 97% of businesses using explainer videos, say that it helps users understand their business better
  • Within the survey group, 81% saw an increase in sales, and 53% said that support calls were reduced

It’s evident that video marketing is working. The Aberdeen Group’s research says that 41% of marketers worldwide are using video as a marketing strategy, a number that is likely to keep rising.


Video is the most effective way to send a specific message to specific people. And because it plays so well with tools like Google adwords and Facebook ad manager, you have extremely powerful tools available to help reach those audiences.

Additionally, it’s easy to tailor your video content to those audiences as well. You can change your messaging, style or even background music to appeal to different audiences more specifically!

Computer Targeted

So, in conclusion....


So, in conclusion, if your small business isnt already usin video as part of your marketing strategy, you should be. Obviously, we make money by making videos, so we are somewhat biased. However, the evidence is clear.

There are plenty of resources online explaining why video makes sense for small business marketing.


We find that Hootsuite or Hubspot always have really interesting statistics and information on video marketing if you are after some light bed time reading.

If you are after some video content for your business, get in touch below, we'd love to chat and help you put together a solution.  

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