Digital signage for any business

Our digital media player
Our digital media player

Unless you have been living under a rock, im willing to bet you have seen digital signage popping up everywhere. Airports, shopping centres, cafes, fast food franchises and even petrol stations.

Until recently, this technology was expensive, complicated and a little bit silly.

We developed content for some client's digital signage networks, and when we saw how expensive and complicated it all was, we decided that we could do better.


Our solution is vastly more affordable than virtually any 'proper' digital signage solution.


We believe the best things are simple. So stripped digital signage down to the features people actually want and need.


And we do all of this without sacrificing any functionality. Our platform has all the features of more expensive options.

100% Online

Manage your digital signage empire from anywhere

We know not all businesses are run the same way, so to make things as simple and useful as possible, you can manage your network of digital signage entirely online.

Update and schedule content, modify screen settings and see what each of your screens is up to at any time from our website. And, for larger organisations, give multiple people access with their own credentials and permissions.

Digital signage management interface


Just a few of the best things about our digital signage platform.


Schedule your content to start and stop exactly when you want it to with an easy to understand and use scheduling system.


Top-grade encryption, firewall and other security features to make sure your screens stay safe.

All Content

We support any and all content, and automatically convert your uploaded content to play back smoothly.

Plug and Play

No proprietry or expensive commercial interfaces, our player used HDMI to interface with your display, making it easy to connect to any display


Use our widgets to display weather, RSS feeds or social content, or, build your own widgets to show whatever you want!


Our system supports sending live content to your entire network. Perfect for performance venues or emergency messages

What about the content?

Having a great platform is only half the story.

The content you display is the most important part of any digital signage solution. And we can help with that too.

Most digital signage providers started out developing a digital signage platform, and as an aside, offer content design services. We did the opposite, starting by designing content for big organisations and businesses across Australia.

What does that mean? It means that the content isn't an afterthought. We are passionate about top quality content to go with our top quality platform.

Content is a priority from the very beginning, and so we pride ourselves on offering complete content solutions as well.


We decided to keep our digital signage hardware as simple as possible early in the R&D process.

We use off the shelf hardware in order to keep costs low, and make sure up-front costs were accessible for businesses of any scale.

Our digital signage player is a simple SBC (single board computer) with industrial grade components, designed to keep running round the clock while consuming very little power.

Our digital media player

Technical specifications

  • Quad core processor
  • HDMI output
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB onboard memory
  • Ethernet
  • Dual band Wifi
  • Extremely low power consumption

Why Digital Signage?

Because it works


More viewers

A recent study showed that engaging digital signage captured 400% more viewer's attention when compared to traditional static signage


Increased Satisfaction

Well-positioned digital displays reduce your customer's perceived wait times by as much as 35%, increasing customer satisfaction in your busiest periods


Increased Retention

Digital signage caused customer retention of a product or service being advertised to increase by 30% when compared to traditional methods

What about the screen?

One of the key differences between us and our competition is that we leave the screen choice entirely up to you.

Most other suppliers use a commercial grade screen, with a big expensive media player built in. These are great for some applications, but are heavy, expensive and unnecessary for a lot of applications.

We understand all businesses are different, so we leave it up to you to decide the best display for your organisation or business.

For best results, we recommend you ensure your screen meets the following specifications as a minimum.

  • 1920 x 1080 resolution (also called Full HD)
  • HDMI inputs (where possible HDMI 1.4 or above)
  • An appropriate size for the cbosen environment (recommend 10 inches for every meter customers are likely to be from the display)
  • An appropriate brightness for the application

Ready to revolutionise your signage?