Licensee Expression of Interest (EOI)


Consideration for LPO Digital Media Screen

Licensed Post Offices are a critical part of Australia Post’s retail network and we are committed to supporting the marketing of products and services within outlets. Licensees have been asking for a digital media screen solution for some time and the Retail Channel Marketing (RCM) team has put together an offer that has been endorsed by the APLAC national board.

The solution is built on a bring your own screen, self-install at a low cost to provide nationally supported Australia Post marketing content. As a licensee all you need to provide is a screen, an internet connection and power for the new media payer.

The offer for LPO’s is as follows:


  • $62.50* per month
    • all marketing content with a minimum of monthly updates
    • supply of media player hardware and self-install kit
    • full software and player hardware support
    • access to future upgrades including foreign exchange and submission for local content (late 2018)

* charged via a POMS equipment fee


  • HD Screen with HDMI input (commercial grade where possible)
  • Internet connectivity (Ethernet or Wi-Fi*)
  • Power point (player)

This EOI is purely to start the process required.


If you do not qualify for the 'first 200 free' offer, Cubed Media will inform you before you are charged for the DMS service.

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