People are wired to engage with stories. Let's tell yours.

About Us

Cubed Media is a video content agency based in Melbourne, Australia. We provide focused, high quality branded video content and communications to businesses of all sizes.

What makes us different from the dozens of other video agencies in Melbourne?

Over the years, we've realised that everyone is wired to engage with stories, and have honed our craft to specialise in more effectively telling those stories.

We are an an agile and adaptable business, which gives us the flexibility to work with big brands and organisations, without all the frustrations that come from working with big agencies.

This adaptability has allowed us to develop unique media solutions, like building a completely unique and tailored digital signage platform for organisations like Australia Post.

We work with brands, not for them. If you're curious about how we could help your brand develop a custom media solution for you, get in touch!

Video Content

High quality innovative and unique promotion, testimonial, training, events and social media video content to tell your brand's story.

Branded Content

Creative and engaging branded content, to assist you in positioning your brand as a market leader in your industry.

Digital Signage

Bespoke digital signage solutions for small or large businesses alike. Entirely custom interfaces and content to suit your business and brand.

"The skill and enthusiasm of those in front and behind the camera, shows why this team is an emerging leader in their field. The final product was executed with precision and delivered with professionalism. "


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We're not just here to get your projects made, we love getting involved early and helping from the beginning.

We are always keen on a coffee and a chat too, so drop us a line regardless of where you are at with your project, business or idea, and we'll help you turn it into the best it can be.


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